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One upon a time they lived happily ever after. Not much to contemplate but covers a lot of ground. As one travels through the “great miasma” of time and space there are many people you pass. Some powerful and some not so much. But all have a captivating story to tell if one just stops and listens. Often discerning a person's attributes from listening to others can lead to a bit of power over others even if unintended. But always remember that the use of power is not to be taken lightly for it is never without consequences. As Edgar Howe once stated, “A man who can keep a secret may be wise but he is not half as wise as the man who has no secrets to keep.”

So nod a salutation to others who cross your path, listen to their stories, share the wisdoms of your life with them when asked, but mainly revere their space and experience. Perhaps the old mariner tradition to keep it simple yet revealing in one’s travels, with only ‘What ship? Where bound?’ and leave it at that.
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